The races of the Ultra-Trail® du Haut-Giffre are organised by Samoëns Trail Evenements (Association loi 1901).

Participation in the Ultra-Trail® du Haut-Giffre events implies full and unreserved acceptance of the present regulations.


By registering for a race of the Ultra-Trail® du Haut-Giffre, the participants commit themselves to respect the environment and the natural spaces crossed.

• It is strictly forbidden to leave waste on the course. Waste bins are available at each feeding station.
• It is imperative to follow the paths as they are marked, without cutting, to avoid damaging erosion of the site, deterioration of the flora, or disturbance of the fauna.

In order to limit the consumption of single-use containers, no cups are provided at the refreshment stands. Each participant must have his own container.

The mountain is your playground and our living environment. The preservation of this space is part of the spirit of our sport, and even more so of the Ultra-Trail® du Haut-Giffre. Please respect it!


The rider undertakes unreservedly to comply with any health regulations issued by the organisation and/or the health authorities, depending on the situation at the time of the event, and which cannot therefore be predetermined in advance but will be communicated in due course. Any violation of these rules will, depending on the circumstances, lead to a ban on starting or to exclusion from the ranking. In both cases, no refund of the entry fee is due.


By accepting these rules, the participant acknowledges that he/she has been fully informed by the organiser of the obligation to have at his/her disposal, during the entire race, equipment adapted to the specific conditions of the mountain environment. This includes equipment to deal with :

• To all the weather conditions that can be encountered in the mountains (cold, heat, rain, wind... potentially extreme). Whatever the conditions at the time of departure, they can change suddenly, particularly at night.
• A long period of immobilisation (the weather conditions and the rugged nature of the terrain can greatly slow down the intervention of the emergency services, as a large part of the route is not accessible by road).

The participant therefore acknowledges that in the event of a health problem of any kind whatsoever (in particular injury, hypothermia, hyperthermia, etc.), originating directly or indirectly (aggravation, etc.) from a lack of suitable equipment, he/she may not hold the organiser responsible for this situation.

For reasons of safety and the smooth running of each event, each participant must therefore have at least the complete list of compulsory equipment detailed below. This list is not exhaustive and must be supplemented by any equipment adapted to the objectives set out in the paragraph above (particularly in the event of particular personal sensitivity to cold, heat, dehydration, hypoglycaemia, skin overheating etc.). It may also be supplemented by the organiser in the event of extreme weather conditions as forecast by the weather forecasters.

In addition, the attention of the participants is drawn to the fact that some parts of the course may still be heavily snowed in. The risk of slipping is high and in these passages, parts of the skin in contact with the snow can quickly be burned. It is therefore imperative to cover the parts of the body in contact with the snow, whatever the weather conditions at that time.

Each participant must present his compulsory equipment at the request of a member of the organisation, as controls may be carried out at any time (start, finish, or during the course) and undertakes to keep it with him throughout the event.

For the choice of your headlamp, do not hesitate to choose a model from our enlightened partner:


The races are open to all licensed and non-licensed runners, of all nationalities, whose age corresponds to the FFA categories.

To validate his registration, each runner must provide :

• A competition Athlé licence, Athlé entreprise, Athlé running issued by the FFA, or a "Pass’ J’aime Courir" issued by the FFA and completed by the doctor, valid on the date of the event. (Please note: other licences issued by the FFA (health, discovery and coaching) are not accepted).
• a sports licence, valid on the date of the event, on which must appear, by any means, the non-contraindication to the practice of sport in competition, athletics in competition or running in competition and issued by one of the following federations: Fédération des clubs de la défense (FCD), Fédération française du sport adapté (FFSA), Fédération française handisport (FFH), Fédération sportive de la police nationale (FSPN), Fédération sportive des ASPTT, Fédération sportive et culturelle de France(FSCF), Fédération sportive et gymnique du travail(FSGT), Union française des œuvres laïques d’éducation physique (UFOLEP)
• for adults: a medical certificate stating that there is no contraindication to practising sport in competition or athletics in competition or running in competition, dated less than one year before the date of the competition, or a copy thereof. This certificate must be written in French.
• for minors: the athlete and the persons exercising parental authority jointly fill in a questionnaire relating to his or her state of health, the content of which is specified by joint order of the Minister of Health and the Minister of Sport. The persons exercising parental authority over the minor athlete shall certify to the federation that each of the sections of the questionnaire is answered in the negative. Failing this, they must produce a medical certificate attesting to the absence of contraindication to the practice of the sport or discipline concerned, dated less than six months ago.

No other document can be accepted as proof of possession of the certificate.

The document must be attached directly on the registration platform before 12 June. No race number will be allocated without the medical certificate.


UTLAC / UTHG / TDF / TDB / MDG: registration possible from the ESPOIRS category
FDG: registration possible from the CADETS category

Masters VE 1988 and earlier
Seniors SE 1989 à 2000
Espoirs ES 2001 à 2003
Juniors JU 2004 and 2005
Cadets CA 2006 and 2007

Details of the Masters categories

Masters M and W M0 1988 - 1984
M1 1983- 1979
M2 1978 - 1974
M3 1973 - 1969
M4 1968 - 1964
M5 1963 - 1959
M6 1958 - 1954
M7 1953 - 1949
M8 1948 - 1944
M9 1943 - 1939
M10 1938 and earlier


Registrations will be made exclusively on the internet with secure payment by credit card.

• Ultra Tour des Lacs aux Cimes:140 €
• Ultra-Trail® du Haut-Giffre:100 €
• Trail des Frahans:55 €
• Tour de Bostan:40€
• Montée de Gers :25 €
• Au Fil du Giffre:20 €

The post-race meal is included in the registration fee.


In accordance with the law, the organiser has civil liability insurance for the duration of the event. The organisation declines all responsibility for accidents and failures due to poor health.

Individual accident: licence holders benefit from the guarantees granted by the insurance linked to their sports licence. Each competitor must be in possession of an individual accident insurance policy covering possible search and evacuation costs in France.

The competitor acknowledges that he/she has been duly informed by the organisation that in the event of a helicopter evacuation, this will be charged to the participant and that the choice of evacuation method depends exclusively on the organisation. This is why the organiser invites each participant to check whether he/she has insurance covering this type of intervention, or to take out a specific insurance policy offered by the organisation when registering.


Places and times for collecting race numbers can be found on the event’s website.

Each number is given individually to each runner on presentation of a photo ID.

The number must be worn on the chest or stomach and must be visible at all times throughout the race. It must therefore always be worn above any clothing.


Ultra Tour des Lacs aux Cimes: each competitor receives with his number two 30-litre bags, each exclusively destined for one of the two bases. After having filled them with the things of his choice and having closed them, he can deposit them, before the start of the race, at the place du Gros Tilleul (starting place). These bags will be transported by the organization to each base of life (le Crêt and Sixt Fer à Cheval). Each bag will be brought back to the Samoëns Leisure Centre

Ultra-Trail® du Haut-Giffre: each competitor receives with his number 1 bag of 30 litres. After having filled it with the things of his choice and having closed it, he can deposit it, before the start of the race, at the place du Gros Tilleul (starting place). This bag will be transported by the organization to the base of life of Le Crêt. Each bag will be brought back to the Samoëns Leisure Centre

NB: No lightening bag for the other races.

Bag collection at the finish: Bags are handed over either to the competitor or to relatives, exclusively on presentation of the race number.

The organisation ensures the repatriation of the bags of runners who have abandoned in the finish area of the races. The repatriation period depends on logistical constraints and the organisation cannot guarantee the complete repatriation of bags before the end of the race.
Only the bags provided by the organisation will be transported. Poles cannot be carried in these bags. As the contents of the bags are not checked, no complaint about the contents or condition of the bags on arrival will be accepted. It is recommended not to put valuable or fragile objects in the bags.


The course will be marked by a system of reflective markers, reflective fabric tape for the night sections, red and white tape and orange road markings only for the road sections.


The shuttle to the departure point at Sixt is not included in your registration and will require payment at the time of registration. Reservations for shuttles must be made at the time of registration. No on-site reservations will be accepted.
Departure points of the shuttles : Leisure centre - Samoëns
Shuttle departure times: you will be informed of the times by email just before the event
A "ticket" will be sent to you a few days before the event by email, in digital version only.


The organisation ensures that solid and liquid supplies are available throughout the course. The refreshment posts are supplied with drinks and food to be consumed on site. The organisation provides still water for filling the water bags and the obligatory individual cups. The rider must ensure that he has the necessary quantity of food and drink at the start of each aid station to reach the next aid station.
Only runners wearing a visible number and duly checked have access to the refreshment posts.


Personal assistance is tolerated only at certain feed stations (see the descriptive race schedule on the event website). Race marshals may issue penalties in real time in the event of non-compliance with the rules.


The maximum time for the event, for the entire course, is set at :
Ultra Tour des Lacs aux Cimes: 42 hours
Ultra-Trail® du Haut-Giffre: 28 hours
Trail des Frahans: 14 hours

The time limits for each race will be defined and communicated on the website. They may be modified at any time by the organisation, in particular to guarantee the safety of participants in the event of an exceptional climatic event, without this giving rise to any right to reimbursement, even partial, of the event.

These time limits are calculated to enable participants to reach the finish within the maximum time limit, while making any stops (rest, meal, etc.). To be authorised to continue the event, competitors must leave the checkpoint before the set time limit (regardless of the time of arrival at the checkpoint).

Any competitor who is excluded from the race and who wishes to continue the race may only do so after having returned his or her number. The organization will not be held responsible for the participant who makes such a choice.


Safety posts, linked by radio to the race headquarters, will be set up at several points along the course. A medical team will be present throughout the event. It will be able to intervene on the course by any appropriate means, including by helicopter if necessary and if conditions allow. The organisers and the medical team may decide to stop a competitor on medical advice.


It is possible to take a hot shower at the finish line only. Access to the showers at the finish is strictly limited to runners.


No cash prizes will be awarded. The following will be awarded in each race: the first 5 men and the first 5 women (scratch) for the UTLAC and UTHG, the first 3 men and the first 3 women (scratch) for the TDF, TDB, MDG and FDG and the first man and the first woman in each category.


Changing the race is possible until 25 May (included). After this date, no more changes will be possible.

A change of race is only possible if there are still places available on the requested race.

In the event of a change to a race with a lower fare than the one initially chosen, the fare of the first race remains due. In the opposite case, the participant will have to pay the difference in price between the 2 races.


The possible abandonment points are listed on the event website. At these points, the competitor must report his or her withdrawal to the teams of volunteers who will pass on the information to the race HQ. If the competitor wishes to abandon outside these points, he/she must contact race HQ (by telephone or via the race closers or marshals equipped with a radio), to determine the return arrangements.
Any unjustified costs incurred in searching for riders who have not complied with race instructions will be charged to them.


Any breach of these regulations (including those relating to respect for the environment and compulsory equipment) and sporting ethics may result in a sanction against the rider, ranging from a time penalty to exclusion. The degree of sanction shall be determined by the organising committee, in proportion to the breach found, as a last resort. If several breaches are found, the sanctions are cumulative. The sanction shall be notified by the race management committee to the rider within 20 minutes of his arrival at the latest.


For safety reasons, the organisation reserves the right to modify the course, the start times, the time limits or to cancel the race in the event of a situation that makes it objectively impossible to run, in particular due to bad weather conditions, unsuitable sanitary conditions, or any risk to the health or safety of the runners. In the event of cancellation of the race, the organisation will reimburse the registration fee, after deduction of a maximum of 20% corresponding to the non-recoverable costs incurred for all pre-race activities; if these costs were lower, this deduction may be readjusted downwards. In the event of an interruption to the race, the start of which has been given and a substantial part of which has been completed, no refund will be due.


If the participant does not take out the cancellation guarantee offered by the organisation at the time of registration, no refund of the registration fee will be possible for any reason whatsoever.

Ultra Tour des Lacs aux Cimes / Ultra-Trail® du Haut-Giffre / Trail des Frahans

Any person can subscribe to the cancellation guarantee at the time of registration, for an additional cost of 12€ per person, to be added to the registration fee.

Tour de Bostan / Montée de Gers / Au Fil du Giffre

Any person can subscribe to the cancellation guarantee at the time of registration, for an additional cost of 8€ per person, to be added to the registration fee.

The purpose of the guarantee is to allow the full reimbursement of the registration fee in the event that a rider (or his/her beneficiaries) requests to cancel his/her registration due to one of the following events

• An accident, serious illness or the death of the rider himself,
• A serious illness requiring hospitalisation or the death of his or her spouse or common-law partner, ascendants or descendants in the first degree, within thirty days prior to the event.
• Pregnancy of the registered runner, or birth of a child within 15 days before or after the race

In case of accident or serious illness of the runner, a medical certificate signed and stamped by the doctor attesting to the contraindication to participate in the race must be provided. Any other reason for cancellation must be justified by a signed and stamped certificate issued by the competent authority.

Conditions of compensation: all requests for reimbursement must be received, together with the medical certificate, at the latest the day before the event.

Only the registration fee will be reimbursed.

Donations to associations, cancellation insurance, any insurance and bank processing costs will not be refunded.


All competitors expressly waive their right to use their image during the event, as well as any recourse against the organiser and its approved partners for the use made of their image. Only the organisation can transmit this right to the image to any media, via an accreditation or an adapted licence.


In accordance with the French Data Protection Act of 6 August 1978, and in compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD EU 2016/679), all competitors have the right to access and rectify data concerning them.
The information is collected within the framework of a registration for one of the races of the Ultra-Trail® du Haut-Giffre, for the needs of the organisation, and in particular that of identifying each competitor individually in order to communicate to him or her before, during or after the event any information linked to his or her participation.

All of the runner’s data is kept for a period of 10 years, renewable at each registration, corresponding to the legal retention period of the medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of athletics or running in competition, or of the sports licence. After these 10 years, and unless the runner gives explicit permission, all data will be deleted except for surname, first name, date of birth, gender and nationality in order to maintain the rankings.

Any rider may have access to his or her personal data by sending a request to the following address:

Any request for data modification can be made:

1. By post to the following address
Samoëns Trail Evenements
79 avenue des Glaciers
74340 Samoëns

2. By e-mail to the following address

Any request for access or modification of personal data will be processed as soon as possible after receipt of the request, within a maximum period of 1 month.