Registrations will be made exclusively on the internet with secure payment by credit card from 1 November 2019.

The races are open to everyone (licensed or unlicensed), of all nationalities with the age categories corresponding to those provided by the FFA.

To confirm your registration, each runner must provide:

  • An ‘Athlé Compétition’, ‘Athlé Entreprise’ or ‘Athlé Running’ licence provided by the FFA or a ‘Pass’ j’aime Courir’ provided by the FFA and authorised by a doctor and in date of the event. (Please note that the other licences provided by the FFA (Santé, Découverte and Encadrement are not accepted).
  • A medical certificate (original or copy), written in French which confirms that there is no reason why the participant shouldn’t compete in either competitive sports, competitive athletics or a running race. It must be dated within one year of the event. In French : « Autorise la pratique de la course à pied en compétition ».

No other document can be accepted as proof of a medical certificate.

The medical certificate needs to be provided as part of the registration before the 31st of May 2020.

No bib will be assigned without a medical certificate.

Registration for the event can only be completed online via secure payment with a bank card.


UTLAC -€130 600 coureurs
UTHG -€85 600 coureurs
Frahans Trail -€50 600 coureurs
Tour of the Giffre -€35 800 coureurs
Flight of the fireflies -€25 500 coureurs
La montée de Gers -€25 600 coureurs
Banks of the Giffre -€20 300 coureurs

This fee includes a meal after the race.

In accordance with the law, the organisers have taken out public liability insurance for the duration of the event. The organisation refuses all liability in the case of an accident or incidents resulting in a poor state of health.

Personal insurance: licenced participants benefit from the guarantees provided by the insurance cover of their sports licence. Each competitor must be in possession of a personal accident policy which covers any necessary search and rescue charges in France.

Inscriptions Elites :

High-level athletes can apply for registration before May 15th with this information.

Age categories

Cadets 16/17 years
Juniors 18/19 years
Espoirs 20/22 years
Seniors 23/34 years
Masters 0 35/39 years
Masters 1 40/44 years
Masters 2 45/49 years
Masters 3 50/54 years
Masters 4 55/59 years
Masters 5 60/64 years
Masters 6 65/69 years
Masters 7 70/74 years
Masters 8 75/79 years
Masters 9 80/84 years
Masters 10 85/89 years