Teaser 2021 - Ultra-trail® du Haut-Giffre

See you in 2021
Registration will start in mid-November 2020
Here is the current status of registrations (carried over to 2021 following the cancellation of the 2020 event). Runners who have chosen to postpone their registration will receive a confirmation email.

For the 2021 event
UTLAC (127Km/D+9150m): 234 entries, 366 spots remaining
UTHG (96km/D+6800m): 371 entries, reste 229 spots remaining
TDF (51Km/D+3700m): 420 entries, reste 280 spots remaining
TDG(30Km/D+1800m): 434 entries, reste 566 spots remaining
VDL (18Km/D+1000m): 38 entries reste 562 spots remaining
MDG (18km/D+1000m): 148 entries, reste 452 spots remaining
FDG (9Km/D+400m): 38 entries, reste 262 spots remaining