Information regarding the Coronavirus Covid-19

In light of the current news and some questions received on this subject, we would like to inform you that no cancellation of the Ultra Trail of the Haut-Giffre is envisaged as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Our event is going to be held in more than 3 months’ time and is not affected by any restrictions currently in place. It’s of course impossible to predict at the moment how the situation will impact on the future. We do consider it likely however, in view of the developments seen in the regions already affected, that the situation in France at the end of June will allow our event to go ahead.

Your health and your safety remain our priority so we will be staying attentive and strictly adhering to the advice and restrictions put in place by the skilled health authorities up until and throughout our event. We have decided not to go beyond these measures as it’s not justified.

In the event of any developments whatsoever, we will keep you informed with sufficient time to re-organise your plans. Please do not send individual questions about this topic as treating them will only delay us sending out group information to all of the participants.

And on that note, the same goes for the weather and the snow levels during the event. We also can’t predict those at the moment!

So, please don’t waste your time asking questions that we don’t know the answer to yet and there’s no excuse to hold off on your March training!

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