Becomes volunteers to the Ultra-Trail® du Haut-Giffre

Like every year, the Ultra-Trail® du Haut-Giffre owes its reputation and success to its impressive team of volunteers. There were 200 of you in 2019, and despite the atrocious weather, our race remained popular with the runners. And that’s all thanks to you!!!

This year, our family must grow to meet the expectations of the ever-increasing number of runners.

You, your parents, children, grandparents, friends, uncles and aunts – in short – we need you all!

From a couple of hours to several days (for the most seasoned volunteers); in the mountains, at the basecamp, at the aid stations, with the transport teams…whatever you can manage, we’ll find a post to suit you.

Please share this message with your friends and family!!

Bénévoles 2019 - Ultra-Trail® du Haut-Giffre
Un grand MERCI à vous ...
Petite vidéo qui met en valeur le travail EXCEPTIONNEL de tous nos Bénévoles... Vous étiez 180 Bénévoles cette année...
Vos sourires, votre générosité, votre bienveillance envers les coureurs et votre grande capacité d’adaptation ont été très apprécié des coureurs.
Merci à vous et Rendez-vous l’année prochaine pour une nouvelle édition de fou...
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