Official Press Release

It is with a heavy heart, and a little ahead of the deadline that we had given ourselves, that we’ve had to acknowledge that the 2021 edition of the Ultra-Trail® du Haut-Giffre cannot take place in June. Although we wanted to give this date every possible chance, none of the factors that we previously mentioned have improved, some have got worse, and others still have been added...
But we’re not letting ourselves be discouraged by this, and instead we’re announcing three pieces of good news !!!
Good news n°1: an edition of the UTHG will still take place this year, from 16 to 19 September 2021 (this is reliant on a more favourable health situation, but there are good reasons to believe this will be the case by then!)
Good news n°2 : participants who have already registered will have a choice:
-  to postpone to September
-  or to 2022 ( from 16 to 19 june 2022)
-  or to receive a refund (details and procedure to come, please DO NOT SEND messages on this subject for the moment)

Good news n°3 : the Criou KMV is still on as planned on August 15th! This is an opportunity to measure yourself against the steepest KMV in the world, and to come and check out the area in preparation for September.

L’équipe d’organisation de l’Ultra-Trail® du Haut-Giffre

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