Frequently asked questions

How do i register ?

Online directly by clicking on this link: available at the beginning of November
You can register more than one person with the same email address by checking in the registration form "Check this box to register another person than you".
Or by contacting Alicia: 06 29 46 58 35 or
Registrations will be possible until June 12 online, then until the last moment by contacting Alicia 😊

Where to find information about my assignments ?

It is time-consuming and tedious to complete the job assignments for all volunteers. It is therefore not impossible that you will not have more information until the end of May or beginning of June about your assignments. If you need or want to know sooner, please contact Alicia: 06 29 46 58 35 or
Otherwise, it is Alicia who will contact you by email or telephone to specify your wishes, your availability and to fix your schedule for the event.

In case of problems: Who di i contact ?

If you have any questions about registration or assignments, you can contact Alicia, the volunteer in charge of volunteers: 06 29 46 58 35 or
Once your assignment is definitive, depending on the post, we can give you the contact details of the post manager, who will also be able to give you information on the process.

What equipment should i bring?

The organisation provides specific equipment for each post, but remember to bring all your personal belongings: clothes adapted to mountain conditions, backpacks, water bottle, anything that could be useful to you for the duration of your missions. We will talk about this again once the assignments have been completed so that you have everything you need. And once again, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Accomodation and meals

Meals are provided if the time slots of your missions require it. Don’t worry, you won’t lack anything: picnics for the mountain posts or meals in the refuge depending on the case, meals prepared by a caterer for all the posts based at the Samoëns leisure centre or in the immediate vicinity.
Accommodation depends closely on the assignments you wish to undertake. You may have to sleep in a refuge, in a tent, on cots outside or inside, during the day or at night 😉 Don’t hesitate to talk to us about this if you have particular expectations. We also try every year to offer accommodation in Samoens for those who need it. Depending on the number of volunteers involved, it is often camping, sometimes dormitories. Please let us know when you register if you need accommodation.