Tour de Bostan (TDB)

Were the views from our old 33km course not broad enough for you?! Did you find the descent under the gondola unpleasant? Ok ok, we’ve heard you and there’s now an updated route which awaits you for the 2020 Tour of the Giffre.

Needless to say, we’ll be keeping the Criou climb up to the Chalets de Pertuet as a little warm up for you.

Obviously, you’ll continue to enjoy the view of the whole of the Haut Giffre valley while crossing the mountain to the Chalets du Trot.

And of course, we’ll be keeping the descent from the Mont to the Gorge de Tines and the cheers of the crowd waiting to support you.

But after that, you’ll discover the old gorge de Tines where in some parts you’ll need to use your arms (without even leaning on your poles). Then after a long incline which will make some of you regret staying in bed on a rainy day when you should have been training, you can feast your eyes on the Lac de Gers and the background of its eponymous valley before working through the last kilometres (at first rolling and then more technical) that bring you down to the start of the traditional lap of the Lac aux Dames!

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Saturday 17th june 2023 at 7:00 am
Place du Gros Tilleul - Samoëns

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Tour de Bostan (TDB)

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