La Virée des Lucioles (VDL)

A race with our partner "La Radio Plus".

What is this new trail which follows the course of our old ‘Discovery Trail’ but happens at night? Answer: La Virée des Lucioles!!

Embark on a night-time adventure which will carry you away to the hillsides of the Criou – the mountain which symbolises Samoëns…

Stop a while to listen to the nocturnal wildlife in the undergrowth, without having to move off the path…

Make the most of the cheers from the public alongside the Gorge des Tines…

Warm up those thighs again on the climb to Bémont…

And just like that, you become one of the fireflies dancing in the night of the Samoëns Trail Tour!

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Friday 17th june 2022 at 8:30 pm
Place du Gros Tilleul - Samoëns

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La Virée des Lucioles (VDL)

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